Fencing can be the deal breaker for selling or promoting a property. A well designed and carefully thought out fence will add value and enhances a property for many years. A fence possesses its own form of communication. It can be welcoming or discouraging. It can announce to your visitor that they have arrived at their destination and that it is either grandeur or dour.

Green Survival can design a fence that will do and say what you want it to. They will construct it out of the best quality materials using the best construction techniques and all at a price to meet your budget. It will continue to enhance your property for many years to come.
Green Survival has constructed fences with timber, masonry, stone or iron, or with combinations of any of the above. They have done this to such high standards as to be recognised with awards by its peers in the Queensland Landscape Industry.

Green Survival can design and construct a fence for your property that will not only enhance it but will add value with the WOW factor that will last for many years to come.