Green Survival prides itself in designing, constructing, and caring for award winning landscapes. This passion extends all the way back to 1984, when they won their first Landscape Construction Excellence Award for a Japanese garden. Green Survival has then gone on to win over 18 awards for landscape construction excellence.

The Green Survival always takes the next steps to ensure that every landscape is going to last for years, and years. Before the construction of any landscape.

Green Survival assesses:

1 . Drainage and soil structure;

2. Correct, creative and color co-ordinated planting themes; and,

3. Watering requirements to ensure the right garden preparation.

Green Survival knows poorly drained garden beds contribute to 50 per cent of deaths in plant stock. Green Survival are drainage experts, and have over 35 years experience understanding soils, their nutrition, structure and compatibility, especially imported soils and their role as soil conditioners.

Green Survival are at ease with constructing all landscape themes including Native Australian, Japanese, Renaissance or Santa Fe.

If you’re wanting a high quality, long lasting, and (potentially) award winning landscape, the only team to talk to, are the team from Green Survival Landscapes.