Green Survival is one of only a few landscape companies capable of fully integrating an irrigation service to best interact with your horticultural needs.

It is important to understand that different plants require different amounts of water for different seasons. Irrigation is the one element of landscaping that has embraced new technologies in electronics and computer aided design more than any other.

At Green Survival, we are market leaders in irrigation, employing up to the minute practical knowledge of the many and varied irrigation components and their relevance in the landscape design.

Our knowledge of irrigation complements our ability to transform a garden using water features. Nothing enhances a garden more than all the sensory gifts that a water feature offers – appealing to sight, hearing, touch and smell.

Water Features

Green Survival has a long history of designing, installing and maintaining many types and sizes of water features. We co- expertise in such field as hydraulics, civil and lighting engineering to best deliver a long lasting water feature. At Green Survival, our water features survive the seasons.

Let Green Survival best advise you on the types of ponds from visual decorative ponds through to interactive natural water oases where fish and plant life live in harmony.


Green Survival has been effectively installing landscape lighting for the past 40 years throughout south-east Queensland.

Lighting is an important aspect of any landscape as it often sets the mood, provides security and illumination in the great outdoors.

Green Survival’s experience in garden lighting often requires the ability to integrate 240 volt accessories such as light detectors and movement sensors (which are only affected by people) with the advantages of a low power usage and soft 12v┬ásystem.

Green Survival understands that the demanding lifestyles of the 21st Century require extended usage hours of landscaped environments.

Green Survival combines its long term professional experience with its lighting industry contacts to ensure clients are offered the most cost effective, state of the art lighting to meet their specific needs.

Here’s some work we’ve done