There is an ‘urban myth’ out there that suggests paving laid on a concrete base is superior to one that isn’t. I have seen jobs where the base concrete has been poorly laid or with incorrect drainage falls. In this instance the concrete usually cracks under the paving with resulting cracks in the paving. This is much harder to fix as the paving has been glued to the concrete which makes separating them difficult to impossible without affecting damage to the paving. On the other hand if the proper preparation is carried out for the installation of a properly compacted road base sub paving layer then the surface will be good for decades. And if a change to the paving is required it is much less expensive to change.

In summary, even though it does not matter the type of paving that is chosen the base preparation remains the most important part. That includes getting the right falls established for drainage that works.

Use the following criteria for choosing your pavers:

. Durability
. Texture
. Colour
. Size
. Ability to adapt different modules for varying purposes such as –
. pool coping
. ½ round units
. ½ rectangular units
. ½ square units
. different thicknesses

Here are some photos of Jobs Green Survival has completed from start to finish