Here at Green Survival, we believe retaining walls should be a structure built to last without requiring regular maintenance or re-doing in 5-10 years. Utilising the best construction principles we have constructed retaining walls across Brisbane in the past 30 years which have not required any maintenance or rectification. At Green Survival we understand and appreciate that a well built retaining wall, using the correct construction techniques, should last between 20-40 years.

Through ongoing training, and in consultation with our engineers, we are able to construct well built retaining walls out of any material and pride ourselves on being able to give you the assurance that the retaining wall will stand the test of time. We can ensure that whatever you are retaining, stays retained!

Over the past 24 years, we have constructed numerous retaining walls throughout greater Brisbane and have exceeded client expectations utilising a wide range of materials to achieve the desired textures and heights required. All of our retaining walls that are higher than 1 meter, are engineered in accordance with the Brisbane City Council Regulations.

Some of the materials Green Survival has constructed retaining walls out of in Brisbane over the years are:

  • Timber
  • Concrete sleepers
  • Masonry block
  • Concrete link blocks
  • Rocks
  • Sandstone blocks
  • CRIBB walls

Here are some photos of retaining walls that Green Survival has constructed in recent times